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Are we just a car rental service?

Is a car all you get with us?

Founded in 2009, we've served over a thousand of family and group travellers.

We believe that travel is not just satisfied by getting from place to place, but how you can experience the culture and story of a place.

We are not just operating a vehicle rental business.

Each day we put a lot of effort in bringing our guests 

a happy and memorable trip.

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Local Sightseeing




Experience the local gems of

 Hong Kong, Macau and ShenZhen

Wondering what to do on your next holiday? 

Unusual sightseeing destinations? Delectable local cuisine?

Discover all that and more with personalised local tours and itineraries, tailor made for your trip! 

New Territories Foodies Group Tour

The Peak, Victoria Harbour...What's more?

Visiting Hong Kong with kids and senior citizens?

Join our private tour and we can arrange the transport and itinerary for your group! So easy!

Hong Kong Private Tour

More than just The Ruins of St. Paul's

It only takes 1 hour by ferry to 

Macau from Hong Kong!

Follow us to see various amazing sights,

there's way more to explore than you might expect.


Hong Kong

Disneyland Package
Macau Private Tour


Shenzhen Private Tour

Only heard of Window of the World?

Shenzhen is becoming a HIT among tourists.

Lo Wu City, Dongmen and more exciting places!

Come exploring with us now!


NgongPing360 Package

Hong Kong Travel News

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